Ignorance not bliss

Something really interesting happened to me the other day..

I found an old scented candle I had. It still smelled pretty, I knew it was synthetic but I lit it anyway, left it in the kitchen and went upstairs. About an hour later the perfumey scent filled the whole house but I developed a headache, felt achey, fatigued and irritable. There was no other reason why I should have felt that way. Now, I used to love scented candles. But now I know they’re full of petrochemicals. I probably wouldn’t have attributed those symptoms to a reaction to my scented candle back in the day. I would of probably thought I was having some sort of mood swing or a bad day. I bet that’s what any of us would have thought. That is, till knowledge comes.

20130613-051551 PM.jpg
Well I had to open some windows and slap some proper Lavender on to counter those effects. Thankfully I felt much better straight away. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. It’s just not worth it to me. If I want a fresh house I’ll open some windows! Or better yet diffuse my lovely Young Living oils that are not only beneficial for health for the whole family but smell divine!

Don’t let ignorance ruin your day. Learn from my mistake!

Till next time.
All my love,

Pearl ❤

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