Tunnel Vision?

20131126-111844 pm.jpg

Lately I’ve been wondering if people with tunnel vision, those who are locked into one way of thinking are likely to actually miss the right road. I’m wondering this because some have so openly closed their minds to any new opinions. More and more I feel we need the help of those who can enlarge our vision and broaden our perspective.

Seeking out the advice of those who know you and have a wealth of experience is wisdom. You can build a network of advisers. Then be open to new ideas and be willing to weigh their suggestions carefully. You are capable of discerning the best course of action. As you practice this, your plans will be stronger and more likely to succeed.

Time to expand our horizons. I for one don’t want to be left behind in my outdated perspective. But rather, I’d like to be at the forefront of my God given destiny. That’s my heart’s cry. Well, one of them anyway. šŸ˜‰

How about you?

I say, go on with your capable self.

Onwards and upwards. x

All my love,


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