I just read about Isaiah having to walk around butt naked, a humiliating experience btw.. for three years, as directed by the Lord. (Is. 20:2) You know what, I am encouraged. Lol. Yeah! Encouraged.

At times, God may ask us to do things we don’t understand. What do we do? Pretend we didn’t hear Him. Pretend we know better? Or, do we pretend it’s the devil, till we believe it. Aren’t you sick of this selective hearing? I am. Make up your mind. Or simply, remind yourself. Do you hear from God or not? You do. I know you do! And we’re not alone at this. We test things. We weigh with others. We pray. And God confirms. So whats the problem? ‘God, I want two angels and a trumpet blast if you want me to do that!’ I used to say. Till one day, He showed me, just that. Two angels, and a trumpet blast. In a very, funny way. We laughed together at my astonishment. I’m telling you. He is so funny. Haven’t ‘challenged’ Him since. Lol.

So Isaiah. We salute you. What a good boy. Look forward to meeting you in Heaven one day. We’ll talk about your obediently cheeky days. 😉

Bottom line?

Let’s obey God in complete faith. He’ll never steer us wrong!

All my love,


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